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What's new: Diary and Resource Changes

What's new: Diary and Resource Changes

What a big start to 2023 with the introduction of the new Frameworks. We have redesigned our Diaries for 2024 and introduced new resources to represent the new Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place Framework. While redesigning, we also took a look at our current Diaries to simplify and make documentation clearer. We have outlined the changes in Butler Diaries below.

If you want to learn more about the new Approved Learning Frameworks, you can check out this blog.

What's New to Butler Diaries and Available Now

Financial Year and 6 Month Diaries

For 2024, all our Diaries are moving to Calendar Year. We have released 6 month Diaries for July-December 2023 to carry all Financial Year customers to our Calendar Year.

This decision was made for quality control and to limit confusion and accidental purchasing of the wrong Diaries. You can learn more here.

The 6 Month Childcare Diaries feature the new 2024 layout and V2.0 outcomes.

6 Month Diaries are now available for the:

Transport NCR for new Regulations

We have created the Transport NCR to meet the changes in regulations that came into effect as of 1 March 2023. To comply, you must have specific records of your Transportation. You can learn more here.

Bookmarks for new ALFs

Our Bookmarks have been updated to include themes from the new Approved Learning Frameworks to support you in your transition to the new Frameworks and help you get familiar with the new terminology.

New EYLF and MTOP V2.0 Bookmarks

EYLF V2.0 Banner Pen

The EYLF Banner Pen is back featuring the new V2.0 learning outcomes!

Photo Evidence Template for new ALFs

We have introduced the Print Ready Photo Evidence Template for your Weekly Programming and Reflection Diaries. This drag and drop template makes showing photo evidence even easier. It even includes stickers to reference the new ALFs. Grab the Programming and Reflection Printer Pack that includes sticker paper and never glue your pages... or hands... together again. Learn more about the Print Ready Photo Evidence Template here.

Individual Observations Book for new ALFs

Our Individual Observations Book has been updated to include the new EYLF outcomes.

EYLF V2.0 Posters

As part of your obligations under Quality Area 6: Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities, families and caregivers should be provided current information on the service and be encouraged to contribute to service decisions. To provide the families in your service an understanding of their child's program, we have designed EYLF V2.0 Posters to support you in QA6 and QA1.

Our collection of posters includes EYLF Agency Posters that promote children's agency with first-person descriptions of children's learning. They highlight to families the importance of the learning happening in your room. We have also introduced EYLF Vintage Posters as a fantastic conversation starter on differences in time. They also act as a great start to a potential family collaboration project!

Our wonderful Diversity Posters and EYLF Baby Animal posters are also available for order!

EYLF V2.0 Posters for Early Childhood

New Indigenous Resources

We have added new Indigenous Resources to our collection, all created and purchased from Indigenous companies in Australia.

What's Changing in 2024

EYLF and MTOP V2.0, 2022

All our Diaries are updated to include the new EYLF and MTOP V2.0 Frameworks. In some of our Diaries and Resources, this includes changes to some of the wording to better represent the new Frameworks. Examples include changes to the Weekly Programming and Reflection Child Educator Diary programming boxes and the boxes inside the Sustainability Calendar. You can view the changes in the pictures on each resource's product pages.

Check out the whole 2024 collection here.

Colour and Binding Types

Some of our Binding Types have been removed for quality control, to reduce shipping time and include feedback provided from the Butler Diaries community. From 2024, the Spiral and Hard Cover Binding will combine for the ultimate toughness year round. The Soft Cover Binding Type will no longer be available.

Due to our change, 2024 Diaries include colour as well as other features such as the highly requested ribbons! 

Our service is important to us and we have made these changes to give you the fastest delivery time possible with the highest quality while meeting your needs. Butler Diaries prides ourselves on our customer experience and want that to reach all areas of our service.

Any changes to our Diaries or Resources are visible in the product pages in the images.

Weekly Programming and Reflection Diaries

We want to make the process of getting your Diaries simpler and avoid confusion and people ordering incorrect Diaries. For 2024, there are only 4 versions of Weekly Programming and Reflection Diaries.

For services requiring 7 days of programming, the Weekly Programming and Reflection Child Educator Diary is now suitable. The new layout includes a weekend column that can be used for weekend programming or for additional notes and programming based on key ALF themes. 

The OSHC Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary has been updated with MTOP V2.0 for 2024 as is designed for OSHC, OOSH, and BAC services.

The QLD Kindy Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary has remained the same and is relevant for QLD Kindergartens running under an Approved Kindergarten Program in Queensland. The Diary references the QKLGs.

The Central Outdoor Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary has been updated to EYLF V2.0 and includes the preferred tick and flick learning outcome layout that the other Weekly Programming and Reflection Diaries feature. It is relevant for all Early Childhood Education and Care services.

The NZ Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary is no longer available. We are considering an International Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary that will be suitable for all Countries outside Australia in the future. Sign up to our Newsletter and follow our socials to stay informed.

You can learn more about the changes here.

FDC Compliance Checklist Diary Original Version

When considering compliance and providing Family Day Care with what they need to meet their obligations, we decided to remove the original version of the FDC Compliance Checklist Diary. Our new version of the FDC Compliance Checklist Diary is available and covers more of your compliance needs.

You can learn more about the changes here or you can view the Family Day Care Compliance Diary here.

Family Day Care Diary

The Family Day Care Diary for 2024 has combined with the FDC Compliance Checklist Diary as described above and associate NCRs to cover all your needs. You can use this Diary along our Duplicate Books such as the Visitor Sign in and Attendance Book NCRs for everything you need to be compliant in your Family Day Care. 

You can learn more about the changes here or you can view the Family Day Care Compliance Diary hereYou can also check out all our NCRs here.

Professional Diaries

We are saying goodbye to our Professional Diaries! We are sad to see them go, however, it was the best choice for Butler Diaries' plans for the year ahead.

You can learn more about these changes here.

The Tradie Diary

Our Diaries are combining in 2024 to give you all the records you need under The Tradie Diary. These changes include feedback we have received from our community of Tradies. 

Really can't live without your Diary?

Get in touch to and we will see what we can do!

Thank you Butler Diaries Community!

Keep your eye out for more news by joining our Newsletter and following our socials so you don't miss a thing including sales and special offerings.

If you have any questions about any of the changes, please get in touch with our team, 

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