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Based on 347 reviews

It’s awesome

Thank you so much Corinna!

Great diary - πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Great diary
Used daily
Suits my needs totally and my team
Am getting them for the coming year

Really good product thank you
I’m buying more for sure !!


Thanks so much Mark! We can't wait to get next year's Diary to you too!

2023 Our Culturally Responsive Year wall Calendar

Love our calendar it is supporting our service to achieve building cultural competence and having the tool to record all evidence and guiding us in the right direction.

Hi Debbie, thank you so much for your kind review! We are so happy to hear our Calendar is supporting your service in cultural responsiveness!


easy to use and understand

Thanks so much Susie! We are so happy you find our Diary simple and easy to use!

We love ours. It showcases our day and proves that we are meeting the standards.

Thank you so much Kay, you just made our day!

We are quite happy with this product. Thanks.
wondering what the A3 product has.

Thanks Mieke! We are so glad to hear you're happy! The A3 product is the same layout only it is A3 size instead of A4.

Very helpful!

We are finding that the Outdoor Programming Book increases educator intentionality in programming for a variety of outdoor experiences and in observing children's choices in the outdoor environment and then intentionally following up on these for a more holistic practice.

Thank you Leonie! We are so glad our Central Outdoor Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary is supporting you in developing a holistic program for children. Great to see the pictures of your Diary in use too! Thank you again for a wonderful review!

Game changer

This pack makes weekly reflections fun and engaging. The template has great design flexibility, and being able to stick directly into the diary makes it so easy. I’ve also used this pack for creating individual child portfolio observations. Wish I had started using this years ago!

Thank you so much for your kind words Joss! We love hearing how our resources are making documentation easier!

FDC Compliance Diary

Simplistic, all on one page. Just what I like :-)

Thank you so much Fiona! We appreciate your kind words!

2024 The Tradie Diary
Benjamin Corben
Tradie diary

Another year another butler tradie diary, many more to come, simplifies my daily paperwork

Thank you so much Benjamin, we love having you as a customer!

2023 Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary (7 Day) EYLF & MTOP
Charity Love

2023 Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary (7 Day) EYLF & MTOP

Thank you Charity!

Word review

Some great words to use already started using some of them in my learning stories

Thank you so much Katia, we are so happy to hear your bookmark is already helping you in your documentation!

Butler Bookmark Nundle CWA Preschool

Great Resource. Helps eliminate overuse of words which can make records sound cliched. All staff enjoying the variety of professional prompts the bookmarks provide.

Thank you so much Paula! We love hearing how our resources are being used in practice. Thank you so much for sharing!

Programming diary for ECT

Love them

Thank you Simoen! We love hearing that!

Great way to Communicate

These 'Yarning' Cards are a fantastic way of getting to know our first nations culture and each other. They have the children completely engaged and actually listening to what each child is sharing. It has become very popular amongst our school aged children and it is their go to every time. We all love them!!

Thank you so much for your beautiful review Lisa! It is always wonderful to hear from educators and even more special when we get to hear how much children love our resources!

Thank you

I really appreciate you putting in a pgae marker for me. If you are happy to do this every year I'll keep ordering. It was unexpected but I'm very thankful

You are more than welcome! You made us smile so we are happy we could do the same in return!

All in one

Was easy to have all the paperwork in one.
Many Thanks

Thank you Nawal, we are happy to hear it helped keep your evidence together! Thanks for being a wonderful customer!

2024 The Tradie Diary
Nimarata Nimarata
Painter and Decorator diary

My husband loves the dairy. Very helpful and easy to use.

Thank you Nimarata, we are so glad to hear your husband loves his Diary!

2023 QLD Kindy Weekly Programming & Reflection Diary


Thank you Keita!

2023 Weekly Programming and Reflection Child Educator Diary

Thank you Coral!

Very helpful and easy to use

As a new ECT it is hard to know what to do and how to think through the lesson planning, but the QKLG Butler diary makes it simple and clear. The diary makes reflections meaningful and worthwhile

Thank you so much Pete! We love to hear how we are supporting new teachers!

2023 Our Sustainable Year Wall Calendar

Thanks Amy!

Diary Review

Great diary with all the important areas you require.

Thank you so much Elle, we hope it assists you in your role this year!

Child Educator Diary

I am really excited and can’t wait for my order, I purchased it 4 weeks ago and still waiting but I understand with some public holidays. I am very satisfied that they saw I haven’t received my order and they apologized for the inconvenience and asked if I wanted a pdf for the month of January. I happily said yes and also asked for February so I can start the diary in my new room this year.

After looking for so many educator diaries I found one and if I love it when it arrives then I’ll definitely get another one in the future. I will make another review when I receive the item. :)

Hi Hayley, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review and for understanding that the Christmas Closure period has made deliveries take longer than our usual turn around. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support and love having you as a customer. We can't wait to hear your thoughts when your Diary arrives!

I’m yet to receive the diary

Hi Jode, thank you for getting in touch. We and our suppliers were closed over the Christmas Break, I can confirm your order is currently being printed and should be shipped shortly. We will send you a tracking number once it has shipped so you can track it right to your door. Should you need any assistance, please get in touch at

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