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  • Paper-based documentation in ECEC

    Digital vs. Paper: What's Right for your Service?

    The question of sustainability in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) is more relevant now than ever. We were recently asked, "Wouldn’t it be more sustainable on digital media rather than all that paper?" It's an important question, and one that deserves a nuanced answer.

    It's no secret that digital platforms have made significant inroads in various sectors, including education. Many customers, recognising the environmental and efficiency gains, opt for digital documentation or even a blend of digital and paper-based methods. 

  • "Streamline practice and compliance": A Case Study

    "Streamline practice and compliance": A Case Study

    We asked our wonderful long term customers, Angel Tots Early Learning Centre, to share with us how Butler Diaries are used inside their service and they provided some amazing insights into compliance, streamlining practice, and creating tailored and individualised programs for the children in their care.
  • "Beautiful and Visually Appealing": A Case Study

    "Beautiful and Visually Appealing": A Case Study

    We love seeing the different ways educators are adding their own personality to their documentation. We checked out the Torquay Kids' teams Diaries and saw how educators are using different methods such as highlighting and photos to complete planning and reflections.
  • "It's doing your work for you" A Case Study

    "It's doing your work for you" A Case Study

    "I don't know where it has been all my life."

    Leanne is a veteran Educator in the industry for nearly 40 years. As a relief worker, she visits many centres with different philosophies and practices. When asked about her practice and method, she points to the Butler Method supporting her in her programming and practice. Leanne feels the Butler Method has simplified her documentation and helped her meet her obligations. She has described the diary as doing her work for her.

  • Rated Exceeding "The Department Love It": A Case Study

    Rated Exceeding "The Department Love It": A Case Study

    We were lucky enough to be invited into Brady Bunch at Hervey Bay. This is one of their three Queensland centres with another three down South. The absolutely wonderful team took us through their service and how they achieved an Exceeding Rating. Brady Bunch completely flipped their planning and programming method and introduced the Butler Method is 2021.

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