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2024 The Tradie Diary - Soft Cover Spiral Bound

The Ultimate Tradie Tool!

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Absolutely love the diary.
"Helps me plan my jobs easily and efficiently, I prefer a written diary over an app just because I can easily read and adjust things if needed."

Verified buyer

Binding and Covers: This is a SOFT COVER Spiral Bound A4 Diary with Black and White Internal Pages. 

Meet the best tool in The Tradie toolbox, The Tradie Diary for All Trades!

All the Tradie Diaries have now merged to become 'The Tradie Diary,' suitable for all Trades. We have brought together all the best tools from each Diary to create the ultimate Tradie Tool.

Are you a Tradie that likes:

  • cost-effective solutions to flexible record-keeping?
  • staying organised even without reception?
  • showing off your professionalism and quality standard?
  • protecting your Tradie Business from unwanted claims and disputes?

If you answered yes to any of these, then The Tradie Diary is for you!

The Tradie Diary Benefits

A4, 1 day to a page and designed with everything you need as an Australian and New Zealand Tradie:

  • Jobs Today,
  • Prestart,
  • Day Log,
  • Photo and Vehicle Log,
  • Communication Record,
  • Staff and Subbie Record, and
  • Material and Delivery Record.
  • All paperwork in one place
  • Easy reference to client addresses and numbers for the day
  • Helps to record tasks that you complete throughout your busy day
  • Save money on subscriptions and keep hard copy records
  • Keep track of variations and client communication
  • Helps with coordination of subbies and deliveries
  • Allows for easier preparation of reports by referring to your entries
  • Keeps track of vehicle readings and expenses for tax purposes
  • Make notes for quote preparation

    Suitable for all trades and supervisors, including:

    • Helps to keep a record of your daily activities such as clocking in and clocking out times
    • Can be used to record RDOs, sick days, absences, lunch time and other breaks
    • Record when and who gives you a task or to whom you give a task
    • Keeps daily records in case of WorkCover claims
    • Staff and subcontractors on site for the day
    • Site conditions for the day
    • Safety PPE considerations and prestart
    • WH&S record to protect your business
    • Records evidence in the case of legal proceedings or disputes
    • Provides a hard copy in your own handwriting (important for disputes)

    The Tradie Diary 2024 Inside Page

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    2024 The Tradie Diary - Soft Cover Spiral Bound

    2024 The Tradie Diary - Soft Cover Spiral Bound

    Regular price   $ 59.99 Sale price   $ 39.99

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Monique Franklin
    Very helpful

    We purchased the 2023 tradie book. We are a construction company and this made our day to day planning so easy. Everything you need is in there

    Thanks so much Monique, we love hearing your had a great experience with your Tradie Diary!

    Michelle Jackson
    Butler diary spiral soft cover

    This diary has everything you need if a tradie. I really wanted to buy the leather covered one but it was out of stock. Im not sure how the cover on this one will hold up over a year. But we will see.

    Thanks for your review Michelle! We will make sure we have more Leather Diaries available next year. You can also secure your stock from as early as June, keep your eye out on your emails for 2025 announcements.

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