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Streamline Your Construction Projects with the Tradie Diary

Introducing the Tradie Diary: Your Ultimate Companion for Construction Management Success

1: Streamline Your Construction Projects

Efficiency and Organisation at Your Fingertips

Are you a busy construction manager juggling multiple projects? Look no further, because the Tradie Diary is here to revolutionise your construction ventures. Designed exclusively for hardworking professionals like yourself, this diary is the ultimate organisational companion that will streamline your projects and propel your success.

2: Unlock the Power of Effective Project Management

Schedules, Resources, and Insights All in One Place!

In the fast-paced world of construction management, time is of the essence, and staying organised is paramount. The Tradie Diary is more than just a planner; it's your secret weapon to achieving effortless project management.

  • Seamless Organisation: With the Tradie Diary by your side, you can effortlessly manage your complex schedules, allocate resources, and never miss a critical milestone again. It's like having a dedicated assistant who anticipates your every need.
  • Enhanced Productivity: We understand the demands of your construction projects, and that's why this diary is designed to supercharge your productivity. Stay focused, prioritise tasks, and witness your efficiency soar, leading to smoother workflows, satisfied clients, and impressive project outcomes.

3: Engineered for Reliability and Durability

A Diary Built to Withstand the Demands of Construction Management

As a construction manager, you know the importance of relying on robust tools that endure the test of time. The Tradie Diary is no exception. We've engineered this diary to be as reliable and durable as your trusty construction equipment.

  • Built to withstand: Crafted with durability in mind, the Tradie Diary is built tough to withstand the demands of your profession. Its high-quality materials ensure it can handle the rigours of your daily work. Wrapped in a resilient PU leather cover with sturdy metal wiro binding and reinforced gold metal corners, this diary also features a handy ribbon bookmark and inner pocket for receipts, keeping you organised in style.

  • Built to Endure: This diary is built to accompany you throughout your projects, with a strong binding that safeguards all your critical notes and plans. No matter how demanding your construction site may be, the Tradie Diary rises to the challenge, supporting you every step of the way.

  • Safety Reference Section: Safety is paramount in the construction industry, and the Tradie Diary has you covered. It includes a dedicated safety reference section that provides quick access to important guidelines, regulations, and best practices, ensuring the wellbeing of your team and compliance with safety standards.

Stay Organised and Boost Your Productivity

2024 The Tradie Diary

Preorder for October Delivery

$ 59.99

Get the perfect diary for construction managers! The Tradie Diary, designed for your trade, it's the ideal tool for planning, tracking, and documenting projects. Perfect for professionals and companies, it has a sleek, durable design with sections for jobs on, site safety conditions, client comms, materials & more. Great gift idea!

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Staying organised when your'e busy can be a struggle


Ok, so everyone isn't this bad... but sometimes notes, receipts, orders and the rest can get lost in the chaos that is a busy tradie's life.
Wouldn't it be great to keep it all in one place, easy to refer back to when needed?'

Streamline my paperwork

Tech Overwhelm

Tech can sometimes make it hard to enter and find info when you need to. It often needs to be adopted across the board and can be expensive and a bit of an overkill. New tech, apps and subscriptions are great, but sometimes you just want to write s**t down.

Cut the Confusion

Keeping Track of Everything

With the day to day, details of jobs and variations, incidents and site conditions can be forgotten or misinterpreted. Safety scenarios can be underestimated if not planned for and disputes can arise for a number of reasons. Another reason to write stuff down...

Keep Better Records

What Our Customers Say

  • Ben Parker

    The layout is perfect for my job. It reminds me to make a note of PPE gear required and that we actually used it on site. It's not your ordinary plain old diary, it's designed with a site manager in mind.

  • Steve Lagos

    Love the Diary plenty of room for materials lists and labour and plenty of time slots I deal for a Chippy

  • Eddie Lee

    Best diary I’ve had, super efficient for a sub contractor like myself, I’ll keep buying them that’s for sure

  • Claire Tiffany

    I think you have a great product. The guys are now in the habit of writing in their diaries each day which means we can all track the materials used, time spent, etc. on jobs so much better! Great customer service - thank you!

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