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EYLF /MTOP Link Highlighter Pen

Linking Programs

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Great Idea!
"I never thought of using the highlighter that way"

Verified buyer

Illuminate Your Learning Outcomes with a Stroke of Color

Juggling between multiple guidelines and learning outcomes often leads to a cluttered and confusing diary. That's where the EYLF / MTOP Link Highlighter comes in—simplifying the complex task of linking programming and reflections to the EYLF and MTOP learning outcomes.

  • "I can't believe I managed without this highlighter before. It's completely streamlined my planning process! It's so cute!"

  • "The EYLF / MTOP Link Highlighter has made it so much easier to correlate my reflections with learning outcomes. A must-have for all educators."

Don't just write in your diary—illuminate it. Make every page a clear, color-coded canvas of your educational journey.

Unlock Simplicity and Clarity Today with the EYLF / MTOP Link Highlighter!

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EYLF /MTOP Link Highlighter Pen

EYLF /MTOP Link Highlighter Pen

Regular price   $ 12.99 Sale price   $ 8.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kirsty Ives
Love it!

Love the highlighter

So happy to hear that!

Jane Edwards
Love colour coding

I was always stumped in how to connect the evidence to EYLF outcome even though it was all on the page - when I saw an example of someone who had used the Highlighter to colour code - it was a no brainer - bought it - love it - will always use it now.

Thanks so much Jane, we are glad it is supporting you to make evidence more visible!


I loved the highlight era
I thought the diary would have tabs or indent as it’s a bit hard to find your spot
We see

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