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20 Quick Tradie Jokes for Smoko

20 Quick Tradie Jokes for Smoko

As a tradie, it can be tough to keep the mood light while working long hours and dealing with challenging projects. We know the Tradie Diary helps reduce challenges, but, a good joke can also go a long way in breaking up the tension and bringing some laughter to the work site. Here are 20 of the best tradie jokes to share with your team:

  1. Why did the plumber break up with his girlfriend? She kept taking him for granite.

  2. Why do electricians always have to be the first ones on the job site? Because they need to get a charge out of their work!

  3. Why did the carpenter get a new saw? He wanted to cut corners.

  4. Why did the roofer go to the doctor? He had a case of shingle-litis.

  5. Why did the bricklayer go to the bar? He wanted to get plastered.

  6. Why did the painter wear two pairs of pants? In case he got a hole in one.

  7. Why do construction workers wear hard hats? Because they're hard-headed.

  8. Why did the HVAC technician refuse to work on the haunted house? He didn't want to get stuck with the bill.

  9. Why did the welder quit his job? He didn't see the point.

  10. Why did the drywaller quit his job? He couldn't handle the stress of taping and mudding.

  11. Why did the mechanic open a pizza shop? He wanted to get his dough right.

  12. Why did the excavator operator get into the restaurant business? He heard the money was in digging into people's pockets.

  13. Why did the bricklayer refuse to eat at the new Italian restaurant? He didn't want to be caught eating mortar-ella sticks.

  14. Why did the plumber go to the bank? He wanted to drain his account.

  15. Why did the carpenter start a pet grooming business? He loved to ruff it up with the dogs.

  16. Why did the electrician refuse to work on the farm? He didn't want to get shocked by the cows.

  17. Why did the roofer go on vacation? He needed some shingle time.

  18. Why did the HVAC technician go on a diet? He was tired of carrying around extra weight.

  19. Why did the painter switch to watercolors? He heard it was easier to brush up on his skills.

  20. Why did the construction worker refuse to work on the weekend? He didn't want to give up his sand-days!

These jokes may not be the funniest ones around, but they're sure to make your team chuckle and lighten the mood on the work site. Remember to take a break and have a laugh every once in a while or even sneak a joke into your mate's Tradie Diary and make his day!

Don't want the laughs to stop? Keep them going with these Tradie Nicknames that will have the worksite cracking up or these Aussie Jokes for Aussie Blokes.

20 Quick Tradie Jokes for Smoko

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