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Where to find Program inspiration?

Where to find Program inspiration?

Are you stuck? Feel like you've fallen into the cycle of the same thing over and over and want to start the year off fresh? Maybe still stuck in Christmas mode? Here are all the places you can find program inspiration this year!

Free Program Examples and Cheatsheets

Always check our blog and make sure you are signed up to our newsletter so you're notified of all the new program examples and cheatsheets we add. Have a look through now for a range of articles with experience ideas, free downloadable programs and cheatsheets.

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Program Prompt Cards

We have built quite a collection of Program Prompt Cards over 2024. These include ideas for different experiences that link with different EYLF areas and target different developmental milestones.

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Tailored Resources

We have a range of games available to spark children's interest and learning in topics such as Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Culture, Yoga, Cognition and Hand-Eye Coordination.

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