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Making family day care requirements a breeze

Making family day care requirements a breeze

Making family day care requirements a breeze with Butler Creative

Trying to work out what will help you make your family day care requirements experience stress free and easy to manage? Check out this snapshot of the great cornerstone products offered by Butler Creative for family day care services.

To meet your family day care requirements, we suggest you purchase the following items:

The family day care diary

This special diary helps you document all the essentials needed for running a family day care. Items such as activities, meals, visitors, expenses and even your goals are included in the family day care diary.

You can store goals and reflections that go towards the Quality Improvement Plan while also keeping vital information safe and secure in one hand to use spot.

This handy diary also focuses on all the softer values and non educational records that still need to be recorded to meet compliance in family day care.

This makes it ideal for anyone running a family day care such as a family day care scheme owner and a family day care business owner. 

The FDC Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary

Here is a great place to store everything you notice and experience in a week inside your family day care service. The FDC weekly programming and reflections diary helps educators within your service keep track of their planning and notes and reflections.

There is also room for the profiles for the children under you care. That way, you can work with your staff to provide great family day care, share information you may miss day to day and understand how the children are progressing.

All this wonderful information is contained in a handy diary and weekly snapshot.

The family day care transition to school booklet

When children in your care are moving towards school age, you need to start preparing them from the road ahead. Part of this is painting a picture of the kind of child they are for the teacher they will soon have.

In these wonderful booklets, you can share all kinds of information that helps a child move to the schooling environment with ease. Everything from personality to likes and dislikes as well as your observations of the child and their current level of abilities can be collected.

There’s even space for drawings, stickers and story.

Paperwork made simple

Not only do Butler Creative supply a great range of diaries and booklets, we also have all kinds of checklists and supporting materials to make your family day care requirements record keeping simple.

You can find a range of checklists to help with compliance. There are notes on medication, home visits, injury, a visitor’s log book and more.

All are designed with the National Quality Framework guidelines in mind. That way, you can capture the information you need quickly and effectively.

Making family day care fun

Looking for a great way to engage the kids in learning while brightening up your family day care? Check out the great range of add on items from Butler Creative Childcare Resources.

Make a visual impact plus provide great prompts for learning with posters.

Create a fun and rewarding learning environment with our range of stickers for all kinds of positive behaviour that the children will love.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the great range of family day care diaries and other compliance and fun materials today!

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