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Here’s what some of our customers have said.

Thank you for your prompt delivery of our 2020 childcare centre diary.  It is the most used and loved paper-based means of communication at the service.

Kind regards Kellie, Centre Director



It’s such a lovely feeling to be able to start the new year prepared and no stress involved. 

Thank you for helping me to do this with the fabulous resources you provide.

Greatly appreciated.



I think the kindergarten dairy has been the greatest time-saver for a long time. As well it saves paper. I have been teaching kinder for 47 years and the dairy is one of the best innovations in a long time.

Regards Jenny


We love your books

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing document. We use this as our weekly program curriculum planner along with our reflections 😊

Kind regards Karlee, Nominated Supervisor


I love the diaries in your store!  I'm currently using the 2019 Weekly program and reflection diary and I love it.  I also love the look of the sustainability calendar - such a great idea to save time!  Our other centre has just ordered a bunch of the diaries for next year and that’s where I saw the calendar.  Might have to get one for my centre I'm thinking! 

Kind regards, Alice | Director Outside School Hours Care


I appreciate the thought you have put into providing resources that will make our documentation easier. Anything that streamlines our workload is well worth taking on.

Regards Suzanne, Co-ordinator, Outside School Hours Care


Thankyou. Your diary has made my first year in Kindy so much easier.  Can't wait to start filling my 2020 calendar.



I have used your product in my previous employment and decided introduce them to my peers. I know they help enormously and assist me to keep the on track. Thanks for a great product.



Thank you! We have bought your service diary for our other service for many years and now have opened our new service in Cessnock. I always recommend the service diary to other centres... it works so well for us!

Kind regards, Melissa


Just letting you know that our centre got audited in January and the auditor loved your diary saying it had covered all the areas she was looking for. I have just recently bought your sustainability 2018 book so I'm looking forward to seeing a great difference in that area next year.  I will be sharing our diary with our OOSH Connect Meetings in our region as I know it works. Our centre appreciates the thought and hard work put into your products. It makes our work less stressful and so much easier.

Many thanks, Leonora, Director


This is our third year ordering the diaries - they support our programming / planning cycle in a practical way.

Cheers, Kellie, Nominated Supervisor


We started using these diaries just this year, they have been wonderful, especially at the time of our Assessment and Rating!  These diaries have made our work life so much better.

Thank you, Kerri, OSHC Coordinator


As my role last year I provided program and planning support to FDC educators who were struggling to meet their requirements in this area. Your diary was a very useful tool to demonstrate that it is not that difficult to plan and reflect on their practice. All the relevant information can be recorded concisely and very quickly they found they could establish a regular planning cycle. This was a big plus for them. So several put in orders to purchase the Planning and Reflection Diary.

From September last year I also picked up some casual work in a LDC . They too were struggling to establish a regular planning cycle due to staffing issues and illness. When I showed them the diary they immediately said this is for us! So they placed an order!! They are now using it regularly and most staff members are very happy with how easy the diary is to use.

I only wish I had discovered them while I was a Room Supervisor!  So thank you for a great product, it has made life so much easier and freed up valuable time to spend with the children in our care.

Cheers, Tosca.


Many thanks for your email, and for developing such a great product in the Australian Nanny Diary.

Your thanks, however, belong to my nanny, Felicity Powell. She brought your diary when she first started working for us three years ago. I understand that she received a copy from the Australian Nanny Association, and it has been fabulous.

Thanks again. Alex (parent)


These are just a few.

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