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Sustainability in Early Childhood Resource Packs

These resource packs are designed to be used with the EARLY CHILDHOOD SUSTAINABLE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM CARDS

This pack has been designed to prompt and inspire you to create a sustainable program that will foster children’s connection with their world. It also links to the EYLF & MTOP Learning Outcomes

These cards are broken up into the 7 Rs to support you in planning and implementing the experiences. These include: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Respect, and Reflect. There are also eight cards for Integrated ProjectsUse the prompts to select an experience based on children’s interests or use a ‘lucky dip’ method to choose one at random and ask the children if they would like to try it.

Each card points to these resource packs with instructions, tips, and extension ideas. 

These cards work best when used with Our Sustainable Year Wall Calendar in which each R has its own space to record your experiences. The Calendar is designed to be completed alongside the children and act as a record of sustainable practice for families and assessors to view

Download the Resource Packs

Each of these resource packs corresponds to a card from the Sustainability Card Pack

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