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October Birthday Month

It's our birthday but we want to give you the gifts!

In 2013 we started Butler Diaries and have been steadily growing each year. Thanks to your loyal following and that you keep coming back year after year makes us proud to be part of the Butler Diaries Community. 

We will be celebrating all month by giving away a free gift with any purchase. No strings!

You can choose from the Yoga Wellbeing Digital Pack or a hard copy of the new Great Aussie Tradie Nickname Compendium. Just add your choice to the cart with your purchase and it will automatically be added for $0! 

Yoga Wellbeing Digital Bundle

Download Now!

Regular price   $121.00 Sale price   $27.00 Save 77%

For the month of October, add this value-packed bundle to any order that you make.

Take Learning Outcome 3 to new heights with the "Yoga Wellbeing Digital Bundle" and start right away! Being a digital download with printable and MP3 files, there is no wait time. You'll receive your pack within 5 minutes of purchasing! 

1. The Early Childhood Wellbeing Kit PDF: In times of stress and uncertainty it is helpful for both children and educators to find ways to find their inner 'zen' and have some giggles along the way. 3 wonderful wellbeing activities that meet EYLF Outcome 3 and allow children to become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing.

2. Yoga Stories - 5 Stretchy Story Bundle MP3 Download: You’d love to inspire your kids to move their bodies, and to learn how to be in control of their minds, right? Us too! GOYOkids will lead you into the wonderful world of kids yoga through favourite stories retold with a twist, or a bend, or a balance, and always a giggle. 

Or Choose This Instead

The Great Aussie Tradie Nickname Compendium: Exploring the Banter Behind the Build


Regular price   $17.00 Sale price   $11.00 Save 35%

Embark on a delightful journey through the uniquely Australian landscape of tradie nicknames. "The Great Aussie Tradie Nickname Compendium" serves as an engaging resource that lifts the lid on the camaraderie and wit that keep our tradespeople not just interconnected, but thoroughly entertained.

While working in the fields of construction, electrical services, or plumbing demands dedication and skill, it's the informal nicknames—those quirky, offbeat tags—that truly bring Chippies, Sparkies, Brickies and more together.

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