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FDC Co-ordinator Home Visits

FDC Co-ordinator Home Visit Report

The Nominated Supervisor or Coordinators acting on behalf of the Approved Provider have a legal obligation for the safety and wellbeing of the children attending the Approved Educators Family Day Care services.

Note all non compliances is reported to the Approved Provider and ACECQA   

190 Infringement Offences, and also Regulation- 178.

Assessments of family day care residences and venues

Note: This regulation only applies to family day care services.

The approved provider of a family day care service must conduct an assessment on going compliance & support visits  (including a risk assessment) of each residence and approved venue of the service before education and care is provided to children, and then at least annually.

The purpose of the assessment is to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of children is protected.

The following matters must be considered as part of an assessment:

  • the premises, furniture and equipment
  • fencing and security
  • the sufficiency of furniture, materials and equipment
  • the adequacy of laundry facilities or other arrangements for dealing with soiled clothing
  • the adequacy of toilet, washing and drying facilities
  • the adequacy of ventilation and natural light
  • glass safety issues
  • the suitability of the residence or venue according to the number, ages and abilities of the children who attend or are likely to attend the service
  • the suitability of nappy change arrangements for children who wear nappies
  • the existence of any water hazards, water features or swimming pools at or near the premises
  • any risk posed by animals.

Each family day care educator must advise the approved provider of:

  • any proposed renovations to their residence or venue
  • any changes in their residence or venue that may affect the matters considered as part of the assessment of the premises—for example, acquiring a pet
  • any other changes to the residence or venue that will affect the education and care provided to children as part of the family day care service.

National Law: Section 167 (protection from harm and hazards) National Regulations: Regulation 116

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