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Long Day Care

Which is the best weekly programming and reflection diary for my Long Day Care Centre?

I am a director of a Long Day Care service, which is the best diary for me?

We have a combined program including preschool and kindergarten, which is the best for us?


Which is the best weekly programming and reflection diary for my Preschool program?

I am a director of a Preschool, which is the best diary for me?


What do you mean by Kindergarten?

What is different in the QLD Kindergarten diaries?

Occasional Care

What is the best diary for occasional care?

Family Day Care

What is the difference between all of the Family Day Care Diaries?

What is the purpose of the duplicate books?

Do I need to buy both the FDC Diary and the Weekly Programming and Reflection Dairy?

Outside of School Hours Care

Which is the best diary for Out of School Hours Care?


Why do I need a Nanny Diary?

I look after more than one family do I need multiple diaries?

Shopping terms and conditions


Domestic Shipping

Returns and Exchanges

Can I get a refund or exchange if I order the wrong thing?

I received my order but received the wrong items

Shopping Security

Is buying online safe?

Accounts and Ordering


Do I need to set up an account to buy?


Do I have to order online?


Use of resources

Do you have some examples of how to use the diaries?

Do you offer training?

Do the Butler Creative diaries cover child care providers for assessment and ratings?


What forms of payment do you accept?

Do you issue invoices for our accounts department?

Does our service have a supplier agreement with you?

Do I have to pay online?

Do you accept purchase orders?

Can I get a copy of my invoice?

I don't have a credit card. Can I use another payment method?


I see that the product I want is sold out. Do you offer backorders?


When will your products go on special?

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

I see you have bundles, but I don't see the bundle I want. What can I do?


I have an idea for a Butler Creative product. Could you make it for me?

Can we add our own logo and branding to the products?

Do you have a digital version of your products for us to download?

Can we visit your office to look at the products?

I can’t see the enlarged images of the products - what gives?

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