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The Taby Program Cards

Develops physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills

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Introducing The Taby Program Cards!

We know children put everything in their mouth as a way to learn more about their environment through feel and taste. We want to foster their cognitive growth while embedding Health and Safety standards. The 'TABY' Deck is designed to provide a perfect balance between keeping curious explorers away from potential hazards and fostering their cognitive growth. Each play idea and activity in this resource engages active little ones in new and stimulating ways, helping to develop essential skills, including concentration, fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, and cognitive abilities.

Recommended for children aged between 1-2 years old, these activities should be conducted under adult supervision to ensure a safe and enriching experience. 'TABY' is your go-to resource to navigate the adventurous stage of newfound mobility while nurturing holistic child development.

The 'TABY' Deck for Early Childhood Educators is in perfect alignment with the principles and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). It directly supports EYLF Outcome 3 by addressing the critical developmental stage of newfound mobility in children aged 1-2 years. By offering engaging activities that encourage exploration while maintaining safety, our product contributes to children's overall well-being and sense of security. 'TABY' promotes EYLF Outcome 4 by fostering children's confidence and involvement in learning. The activities provided are designed to stimulate cognitive growth, enhance fine and gross motor skills, encourage social and emotional development, and improve concentration— all crucial aspects of confident and engaged learning. Additionally, it embodies EYLF Principle 1 by emphasising the importance of adult supervision during these enriching activities, fostering secure and respectful relationships between educators and children.

'TABY' is a valuable resource that not only supports physical and cognitive development but also aligns seamlessly with the EYLF's core principles and outcomes, ensuring that early childhood education remains engaging, safe, and conducive to children's holistic growth.

This deck includes:
• 24 inspired play cards
• 1 instruction card
• A sliding draw box with easy-to-pull ribbon

On the back you will find:
• Teacher talk: a quick list of developmental areas the activity focuses on
• Switch it up: ways to change the activity based on different needs
• Hot tips: little tricks to make it a success (think clean up ideas, safety advice, alternative resources to use)

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The Taby Program Cards

The Taby Program Cards

$ 29.95

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