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Get to Know the New Butler Diaries Website

Get to Know the New Butler Diaries Website

Welcome to Butler Diaries! As of 1 July, 2022, Butler Creative Childcare Resources has been rebranded as Butler Diaries. We are excited to announce that our new name and logo reflect the growth we’ve experienced in our business as well as to incorporate our other branch which is diaries for tradies and other professionals. Everyone called our diaries the 'Butler' anyway so if you can't beatem, joinem!


What's new?

Nothing has changed really except our name. You can still access our great resources and information, it will just be in a slightly different place or format. You can now explore the full range of our diaries and other purpose designed products that will make your life easier and more organised. Our store is split into two broad categories; one for early education and care and the other for trades and other professionals.

Butler Diaries Features

We are a family run business operating out of the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Our products are all designed and printed in Australia right here on the coast. Some of our print on demand diaries (the soft cover and hard cover) are printed in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Our main feature is the continuation of taking your feedback and tailoring our diaries to suit your specific role, state regs or other requirements. We are constantly evolving our products to suit you.

Butler Diaries Staff

You may have spoken with Leona Butler our founder and owner of the store, she has years of experience in design and marketing, and also used to work in Family Day Care and has a deep knowledge of the industry. 

You may have also encountered the lovely Christine, our Customer Service manager, we welcomed her aboard last year and have enjoyed her meticulous attention to detail and friendly assistance to our customers. Christine worked in a ECEC service and ran a tradie business so covers off those two industries as well. 

And last but not least is Leona's son Joe, our warehouse manager. He makes sure your parcels are packed and sent off so you get your orders in a timely manner.

We are a small but efficient team who love what we do and want to make sure your experience with us is the best!

Moving forward as Butler Diaries

Please enjoy our new website and explore the new design and layout. If you encounter any glitches or if something is not quite working right, please let us know so we can fix it for the best user experience. If you have any feedback at all we'd love to hear it!

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