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Butler Diaries Update: Moving from Childcare to Early Childhood

Butler Diaries Update: Moving from Childcare to Early Childhood

We received feedback from one of our wonderful customers this month:

Hello there! Just checking out the diaries for 2024 and would like to give some feedback on your tabs, we are working hard in early childhood Education to be regarded as a professional sector. Would you consider changing the tab from Childcare to Early Learning, or Early Childhood, or even just ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care)?

At Butler Diaries, we have profound respect for Early Childhood Educators and Teachers and advocate for the recognition of Early Childhood as a professional industry. Being from an Early Childhood background ourselves, we understand the work Educators and Teachers are putting in to help us become recognised professionals.

It has been on our list and you've given us the push we needed! We are now beginning to change all references to Childcare in Butler Diaries to Early Childhood, Early Learning, and Early Childhood Education and Care.

You can be a part of our journey! If you see something that needs changing, feel free to share your feedback! If you also have any ideas for a new name for our Childcare Centre Diary, let us know! We will be looking at changing this in 2025.

Email your feedback to, thanks!

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