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Torres Strait Islander Cultural Learning Cards

Culturally Responsive

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Introducing the Torres Strait Islander Cultural Learning Cards for Children, a remarkable educational tool designed with two primary objectives in mind.

First and foremost, these flashcards serve as a means for non-Torres Strait Islander children to learn about and engage with the rich and vibrant culture of the Torres Strait. By immersing themselves in these cards, children can develop an understanding and appreciation for the unique traditions and customs of the Torres Strait Islander people.

Additionally, these cards hold great significance for Torres Strait Islander children, especially those residing outside the Torres Strait region. Through the use of these cards, they can establish a deep connection with their cultural heritage, fostering a sense of belonging and pride in their identity.

The Torres Strait comprises numerous islands divided into five distinct regions, each with its own distinct language dialects. The cards reflect the diverse themes found throughout the Torres Strait, incorporating a blend of Creole and Kulkagau Ya dialect, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the linguistic and cultural nuances.

These beautifully crafted flashcards are not only an excellent educational resource but also serve as an aesthetically pleasing addition to any early childhood education and care setting or classroom. Their vibrant illustrations and engaging design captivate young minds, further enhancing the learning experience.

The pack contains 22 cards, suitable for children of various ages and abilities. Each card provides options to explore the English words and/or the Torres Strait language, accommodating diverse learning preferences and fostering language development.

These outstanding learning cards are the creation of 'Athe Threads,' a Torres Strait Islander business committed to sharing the rich cultural heritage with the wider community. By supporting this initiative, you are actively promoting cultural understanding, inclusivity, and respect.

Link to EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework): The Torres Strait Islander Cultural Learning Cards for Children perfectly align with the principles and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) in Australia. These cards contribute to children's sense of belonging, fostering respectful and equitable relationships, and providing opportunities for learning and cultural appreciation. By incorporating these cards into your educational setting, you are embracing the EYLF's commitment to supporting cultural diversity, embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, and promoting inclusive practices.

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Torres Strait Islander Cultural Learning Cards

Torres Strait Islander Cultural Learning Cards

$ 39.99

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