2022 Butler Diaries: STRATA MANAGER
2022 Butler Diaries: STRATA MANAGER
2022 Butler Diaries: STRATA MANAGER
2022 Butler Diaries: STRATA MANAGER
2022 Butler Diaries: STRATA MANAGER
2022 Butler Diaries: STRATA MANAGER
2022 Butler Diaries: STRATA MANAGER

2022 Butler Diaries: STRATA MANAGER

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Meet the best tool for managing your strata portfolio, the 2022 Butler Diary for Strata Managers.

Are you a Strata Manager, Body Corporate Manager, or Owners Corporation Manager that wants to be more organised and save time on planning and deadline tracking? Are you looking for a way to ensure your schedule is tracked and your additional work is captured in a uniform, quality manner? The Butler Diary is for you!

This diary is an easy to follow yet indispensable tool for deadline management and planning for any strata manager or support staff, from sole trader to larger businesses with extensive portfolios.

In addition to this, our diary is a is a record of actions, events, leads, additional services and billable hours. Record activities in your diary hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly. But why is it important to track deadlines and keep records? Our diary:

  • Helps to keep a record of your daily activities such as meeting notes, vehicle logbook hours, and action items,
  • Helps to record tasks that you accomplish throughout the day (and how long you spent on them),
  • Can be used to keep only important information, without too much detail
  • Allows you to record when and who gives you a task or to whom you give a task,
  • Allows for easier preparation of reports by referring to your entries,
  • Can be used to record sick days, absences, lunch time and even your salary,
  • Provides a hard copy in your own handwriting (important for disputes)
  • Assists you in providing evidence in case of complaints or legal proceedings against you or your company

Hard Cover Gloss Laminated, 280x216mm (approx. A4), 1 day to a page. 

Unique to the this diary is the Strata Scheme Tracker, allowing you to keep up to date with the year-end / Annual General Meeting (AGM) process for each of your schemes.

At front of book contains: 3 years at a glance, Australian public/school holidays, 2021 year planner, continuing professional development (CPD) tracker, contacts list, and month at a glance before each month.

Each page contains: • To-Do List • Meetings Today• Additional Services Log• Notes for: • Phone Calls • Minute-taking • General Notes



    We now have three versions of this diary, the standard spiral bound version, a soft copy version and a gloss hard copy version.

     Here's what our customers say

    "It’s such a great feeling to be able to start the new year prepared and no stress involved. We love that the diary is designed with a BCM's job in mind. Thank you for helping me to keep organised with the fabulous resources you provide. Greatly appreciated".  Shannon, Body Corporate Manager, QLD 

    "I know there is software out there, but this is just so simple and easy to use. It's all I need to stay on top of my portfolio, and it's the same price for a full year's diary as for a month of project management apps. No brainer."  Mark, Strata Manager, NSW

    Who is this diary for?

    • Strata Managers / Body Corporate Managers / Owners Corporation Managers
    • Strata-title Building Managers and Facility Managers
    • Trainees and support staff          
    • Office Managers   

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