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2022 The Tradie Diary: APPRENTICE

2022 The Tradie Diary: APPRENTICE

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Meet the best tool in The Tradie Diary toolbox, the 2022 Tradie Diary for Apprentices.

Are you a Supervisor and want your apprentices to be more aware of whats going on on-site, the safety laws and making records of their onsite learning and skill acquisition?

Are you looking for a way to ensure your paperwork for the office and for the RTO is uniform and to a quality standard? The Tradie Diary for apprentices is for you!

This diary is an easy to follow yet indispensable tool for record-keeping and planning for any apprentice that wants to keep track of site days for compliance, safety and competencies.

In addition to this, our diary is a is a record of actions, events, accomplishments, and incidences. Record activities in your diary hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly. But why is it important to keep records? Our diary:

  • Helps to keep a record of your daily activities such as clocking in and clocking out times.
  • Helps to record tasks and new skills that you accomplish throughout the day.
  • Can be used to keep only important information, without too much detail.
  • Allows you to record when and who gives you a task or to whom you give a task.
  • Keeps track of what WH&S precautions you took as well as site conditions.
  • Allows for easier preparation of reports by referring to your entries.
  • Can be used to record sick days, absences, lunch time and even your salary.
  • Provides a hard copy in your own handwriting (important for disputes).
  • A4, 1 day to a page. 

Each page contains: Jobs on today • Site conditions• Work info & any issues• Photos taken• Vehicle info • Client communication • Expenses • Materials and deliveries

Here's what our customers say

"This diary prompts me to be mindful of what safety measures I should be making every day. It drums it into my head and I have a record that I made a note of what was going on each day." 
Joshua, Carpenters Apprentice

"We can use this diary as evidence of many of the competencies my apprentice is learning for TAFE. The RTO loves that we are recording real world situations and linking them to his course."
Darryl,  Master Carpenter 

Who is this diary for?             

  • Apprentices of all trades
  • Supervisors to supply to their apprentices

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